Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Hypnotherapy is an ideal way to help children overcome bedwetting as it teaches them to attain control over their bodily functions.

Why Hypnotherapy Works

The reason it is so effective is to do with the subconscious. Our subconscious mind is the part that is responsible for all the bodily functions we perform without thinking about them such as breathing and heart regulation. It is our subconscious that wakes us up when we need to go to the toilet and so it is this part of us that must be addressed in order to fix the problem. Hypnotherapy allows direct access to the subconscious, enabling a trained professional to resolve the issue at its source.

Information about Bedwetting

Bedwetting or Enuresis can be defined as involuntary urination pat the age at which a child would be expected to maintain control of their bladder.

There are two types of enuresis:
  • Primary Nocturnal Enuresis (PNE): When a child is above the age at which the ability to control bodily functions would normally be expected and continues to experience at least two wet nights a week or is unable to stay dry without being taken to the toilet by someone. There are two main causes of PNE, the first being developmental delay. Some children are simply late in developing the ability to stay dry at night, independent of any other developmental issues. The second is genetics. If one of a child's parents suffered from the condition the chance of them suffering from it jumps from 15% to 44%, and if both parents had enuresis this goes up to a massive 77%!
  • Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis: This occurs when a child experiences a period of dryness of more than six months and then reverts to wetting the bed. This can be caused by emotional stress or trauma as well as a physiological issue such as a bladder infection. If you child is suffering from this type of enuresis then you should always consult with a doctor first in order to rule out any physiological problems. If this appears to be the case then the cause is likely to be psychological. Traumas such as a death in the family or abuse can bring on bedwetting. The enuresis is considered a symptom of the trauma (or other psychological issue) and the therapist will address both symptom and cause.

The Process of becoming Dry

To stay dry at night children develop one or both of two distinct abilities.

The first is the physiological release of an antidiuretic hormone each evening at around sunset. This hormone slows down the kidney's output of urine so that the bladder is not full until the morning. This ability would normally develop in somewhere between the ages of two and six.   

The second is the ability to wake up before releasing urine i.e. when the bladder becomes full.

Through hypnosis your child's unconscious mind can be directly addressed and, through suggestion, the part of the mind responsible for these processes can be taught these abilities.

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