Bullying can take many forms, some are overt and obvious and others are far more subtle and insidious.

Physical bullying can include punching, kicking, restraining, spitting, forcing someone to give up money or possessions and all types of intimidating or violent behaviour.

Verbal bullying encompasses teasing (perhaps about appearance, financial hardship or some type of perceived weakness), name calling, talking behind their back or sexual harassment.

Emotional bullying can include damaging, stealing or hiding the child's possessions, deliberately excluding them from activities, humiliating them, threatening them and then ridiculing the the child's resulting emotional breakdown.

Although the most common place for bullying to occur is in the school playground it can happen in a variety of settings and be perpetrated by children, adults, strangers, teachers, and even those that call themselves "friends".

Effects of Bullying

Bullying can cause a child to feel embarrassed and ashamed and so become either shy and withdrawn or angry and aggressive (and so the cycle of bullying continues!) They can experience problems sleeping, fatigue and lose interest in the things they enjoy. 

Children who are bullied will often experience low self-esteem, anxiety, fear and depression. In severe cases these distressing and destructive emotions can lead to self-harming behaviours and sadly, both unsuccessful and successful suicide attempts.

What Hypnotherapy Can (and Cannot) Do

When a child is being bullied they can often feel that their situation is hopeless and nothing will ever change. They often fear that any intervention by adults will only make the problem worse.

A bullied child needs to know that they have have a safe place to go where they can be accepted and supported. They need to know that the bullying is not their fault and that the way they feel can and will change.

  • Gives the child the chance to finally relax and release the tension they have been carrying around.
  • Can help the child learn to draw on their own resources and build new ones to help cope with the emotional termoil
  • Raise their self-esteem and confidence
  • Release the guilt and shame they feel and help them realise they are not to blame
Hypnotherapy is not, on it's own, a way of stopping bullying from happening. In order to help eliminate the problem completely it is essential that the parents and school work together to help solve problem. All schools should have a bullying policy in place and if you feel the school is not acting appropriately and effectively there are procedures you the parent can follow (See www.kidscape.org.uk/).  I will not teach your child be aggressive, tell them that it is acceptable to "hit back" or suggest that they are now capable of taking on a whole gang of bullies on their own!

I can help them:
  • Find new ways to emotionally detach themselves from the effects of verbal bullying
  • Learn assertive stratergies and how to visualise themselves carrying these out 
  • Learn new positive, assertive body language
  • Help them understand how positive internal thoughts can create this positive body language 
Hypnotherapy can help your child rid themselves of all the awful effects of being bullied and look forward to the future with the sense of positivity and excitement that every child deserves to.

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