Confidence and Self-Esteem

Why is Self-Esteem important?

A child’s self-esteem is a very important part of their personality. It has a huge influence on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours; their beliefs, motivation and expectations for the future. Unfortunately self-esteem can often be as fragile as it is crucial.

What Lowers Self-Esteem 

Self-esteem can be negatively affected by the words and actions of those around the child, for example a child being bullied may come to believe that others would have no reason to say mean things about them if these things weren’t at least partly true.

Problems such as bed wetting, stuttering, blushing or not doing well at school, to name but a few, can cause children to think negatively about themselves, lowering their self-esteem. 

What Happens Next

The child develops an internal voice that continuously tells them that they are not good enough or that there is something wrong with them. This can go a stage further, and the child starts to believe that, because of their inadequacies, they in fact do not deserve to be happy or loved/liked or have anything nice happen to them.

The Effects of Low Self-Esteem

The effects of low self-esteem can be wide and varied, but always negative. Some children will react by becoming withdrawn, depressed and isolated. Others may seek confirmation of these beliefs and start to act in ways that prove to him/herself that they are "worthless".  They may behave badly in order to receive this confirmation through being "told off". 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Through hypnotherapy the child visualises themselves being more confident, happy, protected and worthwhile. They can see and "act out" in their mind the their ideal scenario This could be almost anything - speaking up in class, being able to happily play with friends, speaking without a stutter, staying dry all night or even waking up each morning feeling happy that they are the person they are.

Through this and a number of other interventions including CBT techniques the child rids themselves of that negative inner voice. They learn to notice and place value on the positive attributes they posses and to stop comparing themselves to those around them. 

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