What is a habit?

Habits are behaviours that children engage in because they they bring the child a feeling of comfort. Whether it is thumb sucking, skin picking, hair chewing or any one of a huge number of behaviours, when the child first starts doing it, it makes them feel better, so they keep doing it.

When does a habit need addressing? 

It is when these behaviours become disruptive or start to have some kind of negative impact on the child, that they need addressing. It is important that your child recognises the problems the habit is causing them (or may cause them in the future) so that they really want to stop the behaviour. Often this may not be the case, particularly with younger children, and so developing this understanding is the first step of the therapy process.

How does hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy works to increase the child's desire to stop the habit and make them more aware of when they are doing it, so that they can make the conscious choice to stop. It allows them to focus on the internal and external rewards they will receive when they stop - that feeling of being proud of themselves and having those they love be proud of them too. If necessary, we will work together to find positive alternative behaviours, or deal with any troubling situation that may have first triggered the habit.

So whatever the negative habit, the combination of hypnosis and cognitive-behavioural techniques offered at New steps Therapy can help.

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