Sleep Problems

Children can experience any one of a large number of sleep problems. These problems tend to fall into one of the following categories, all of which can be treated with hypnotherapy:
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Fear of Monsters / Scary creatures
  • Disturbing Sounds
  • Worrying Thoughts or Feelings
  • Bad Dreams / Nightmares
All of these types of sleep problems tend to have some level of accompanying or underlying anxiety and whichever type of problem your child is suffering from the first thing we do together is get to the bottom of what is causing this anxiety. 

Sometimes, particularly in very young children, the fear they are expressing is simply an age appropriate anxiety that can be addressed through straightforward relaxation and reassurance techniques. However, it is often the case that sleep problems are a symptom of something else going on within the child's life. If this is the case CBT and other counselling techniques can be combined with hypnosis to allow the child to work through these issues, relax and allow both themselves (and often the rest of the household!) to sleep through the night.

Bad Dreams / Nightmares

Bad dreams / nightmares (including re-occurring ones) can be addressed through a strategy called the Rewind Technique. Here the child is enabled to re-imagine the dreams whilst remaining calm and happy, deliberately changing aspects of the dreams in order to remove it's frightening nature and even transforming it into an enjoyable, happy experience.  

Children who Refuse to Sleep

When a child is worried or afraid to go to sleep they, understandably, may refuse to even try. This can often turn bedtime into a battleground which leaves everyone involved agitated and exhausted.

Using behavioural therapy techniques I can help your child move past the disruptive learnt behaviours that may have been caused by their anxieties and allow them to settle in their beds. Then the positive effects of the hypnosis will allow them to sleep peacefully.

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