Parenting Support

Being a parent is always challenging and often it can feel like an ongoing battle. For the most part we try to do our best, but there may be times when trying to manage both our children and ourselves can be overwhelming. This is where Cardiff Parenting Support can help.

Through Parenting Support you can express your concerns, frustrations or confusion – any and all things you think and feel about your children and yourself as a parent. You will be truly heard in a non-judgemental, understanding way. Focussing on your individual needs, we can then look at practical and emotional ways to support you in your parenting, so that you feel confident in your abilities to care for your children and know you are a “good enough” parent.

Here you can learn to better understand your child’s emotional development and how this affects their behaviour, as well as discovering strategies for the management of boundary and expectation. If you feel it may help you, we can look together at your own childhood, and discover how your own experiences may be influencing your parenting style, in order to adapt and build confidence in your parenting abilities. Additionally, support can also be offered to those with a range of mental health issues and those parenting children with a variety of special needs.

At New Steps Therapy you will be listened to and facilitated by a professional who is trained and experienced in adult counselling, hypnotherapy, child therapy and education, as well as being a parent of children with challenges; ensuring a full and balanced understanding of exactly how to help you and your family.
The aims of Therapeutic Parenting Support are:
  • To increase self-esteem and confidence of parents and children
  • To help parents develop and understand strategies for repair when things go wrong
  • To enable sensitive and effective parenting
  • To develop the parent-child relationship though having fun together
  • To improve overall communication
  • To support you in tuning into your child’s developmental needs
  • To work on self-regulation and anger

If you feel you need help or support with being a parent, get in touch on 07792621569 today!