Hypnotherapy can help you to combat your anxiety through a relaxing, simple process. It allows you to remain calm, in control and actually okay, no matter what is going on for you in your head, or in the world around you.
When we feel worried, anxious or panicky, our brain believes we are imminent and real danger, even if what we are anxious about is something that we know logically isn't dangerous. To deal with this 'danger', it sends signals to our body to run, fight or freeze. It is these reactions that cause us to feel those all too familiar feelings such as our heart beating faster, 'butterflies' in our tummy, shaking, sweating or feeling sick. Coupled with these feelings, we often get distressing and repetitive thoughts, which we just don't seem to be able to turn off.

Hypnotherapy can work to deal with your anxiety by adjusting your brain's understanding of when you are, and importantly are not in real danger. When we correct this understanding on the subconscious level, our brain stops sending the unnecessary signals to our body and we can remain calm and okay, because we feel safe.

Through the use of techniques that I can teach you, you can combine this feeling of safety with particular helpful ways of thinking, to allow you to take control of any negative, racing and repetitive thoughts.

Put all this together and you will find that you start to feel you are in control of you! Once you feel this way the world starts to feel like a safer place and you will gain the strength and confidence which will enable you to handle everything life throws at you.

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