Why hypnotherapy is good for children

As parents we all want our children to lead happy carefree lives. However we all know that this can't always be the case and children often come up against the same problems and issues as adults. Added to this, many situations that pose little or no problem to an adult can appear overwhelming or even frightening to a child. 

As a parent, therapist and experienced childcare professional I have spent many years helping children make sense of their world, and understand their emotions. 

They don't have to verbalise their problems

It is frequently very difficult for children to put what they are experiencing into words as they often don't have the experience, confidence or vocabulary to do so. Hypnotherapy is an ideal way of helping children because they can be treated without the need to extensively talk through what they are going through unless they want to. 

They have very imaginative, open minds

Children are often much easier clients than adults because their minds are far more open and accepting of new experiences. They have far more active and vivid imaginations which they use every day to help them learn about the world. This means they generally find the visualisation involved in hypnotherapy very easy and enjoyable. Also, their minds have not been conditioned in the same way as adults, that is they do not think about reacting in a way that others find acceptable. 

They are not as practiced at negative behaviours/thought patterns as adults

As adults we have been reacting and behaving in ways that fit with our belief system about ourselves and the world for many years. These behaviours have therefore become a part of us. For children these belief systems (both positive and negative) and thier resulting behaviours are still forming. It is therefore far easier to change negative or unhelpful beliefs. As a result positive changes occur far more quickly when working with children.

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